Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jordan's art show

OK so this is really just a brag post.  My oldest son had his kindergarten art show last night.  Here are just a few samples of his work.  Next week will be my preschoolers show.  I'm sure I'll post those too :).  

On another note I have not worked on anything today because I have been watching the original stars wars movies withy boys all day!  May the force be with you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My new blog style

I'm giving the blog thing another go.  This time however,  I will be changing it up a little.  Instead of just talking about my cake projects I will also share my other crafting ventures.

I have been up to so much lately that I feel like sharing some of my recent projects. 

My son Jordan turned 6 in march and his theme was angry birds.  His party was complete with a giant angry bird game,  a make it yourself angry bird pizza station, and of course a great big angry bird cake.  The kids all had a blast throwing the birds around and rebuilding towers.

Another few projects I have been working on recently are a cake that I made for a local auction fundraiser for my churches youth,  a birthday cake for my niece and another birthday cake for my nephew.  I ended up getting to make the My little pony cake twice because a friend of mine loved it so much she asked me to make it for her daughter too.  I also made a "manly" cake for a carpenters birthday.  It was fun to come up with a design that was not your typical flowery cake.

A non cake related project that I just finished is an art display area that I made for my boys room.  I love how it turned out and my boys use it constantly :). I took 4 wooden rounds that got from acmoore and painted the two toned.  Then I stapled a line of twine between two of them in two rows.  I hung clothes pins on them for the boys to use.  I then got dot wall decals (also from acmoore) and decorated the surrounding area.  This was such a simple and fast project but it really brought a lot to their room.  It also gave me a place to hang their art other then the fridge :)