Friday, July 12, 2013

A camping birthday!

Jared had his fourth birthday party this last month and I'm just now putting up the pictures.  It was so much fun!!! From the adorable invites made with my circuit, to watching children chase butterflies around with their nets, it was idealistic.  There is nothing like a summertime party.  

Instead of a traditional cake I made individual dirt puddings for everyone.  Then we had a small cake for the birthday boy to be able to blow out the candles.  Each child upon arriving received a butterfly net filled with bug treats and a bug catching kit that we decorated.  My mom who is a born Cub Scout leader led them all through a nature walk and taught them about leaves and flowers.  All the kids followed her around like puppies, eating up everything she had to say.  Afterwards we had a bug hunt (with plastic bugs).